Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the rental?

We have rentals starting at one day and continuing as long as you need.


How much does it cost?

It depends on the length of the rental.  And it also can depend on the distance we have to travel and flexibility of your scheduling.  If you can work into our travel plans or fill gaps in our schedule, then we may be able to reduce your costs.  That is why a simple phone call or e-mail is worth your time to find out.

The real question is How much can it save? 

By training in-shift and on-site you reduce overtime and travel costs.  And as reported to us by one County Risk Manager who tracked a year after their EVOC training with our simulator, there was a 35% reduction in at fault accidents, which amounted to a substantial savings.  And think what can be saved avoiding a Use Of Force lawsuit.


Do you guys come to my area?

We are located in Bloomington, IN and generally serve any area within a two day drive of our office.  We have occasionally done rentals farther than that, if we can work out the scheduling.  Don't be afraid to ask!


How are the simulators delivered?

The FATS simulators are delivered in a van and set up in your facility.  See examples here.  The driving simulator is permanently mounted in a trailer that we deliver to your location.  See a picture of the trailer here.


How much room does the FATS system need?

The Meggitt XVT system requires an area of about 15 ft. x 30 ft.  We carry black plastic and tape to cover windows to darken the room.


What are the dimensions of the driving simulator trailer?

The trailer is 36ft. long, 9 ft. wide, and 13 ft. tall.  The entry door is halfway back on the passenger side.


What are the power requirements?

The FATS system only needs a single 15 amp circuit.  The driving simulator trailer has a 45 ft. cord that plugs into a 220 volt, 50 amp circuit.  For short rentals the trailer has a generator that can be used.


How long does it take for each officer?

Since your instructors do the training, this is entirely up to you.  As a rule of thumb, we usually see departments take a minimum of 30 minutes for the FATS training and we recommend a minimum of one hour for the driving simulator.


How long does it take to train the instructors to operate the simulator?

Training the instructors takes about an hour to an hour and a half.


What if it breaks down?

We have a 24/7 technical support number for your personnel to call if they have any questions or problems.  If you suffer lost time due to a problem with the simulator, we will extend your rental, reschedule your rental or refund your unused rental fee, depending on what works best for you and fits into our reservation schedule.


If I share the driving simulator with the fire department, how long does it take to change from a patrol car to a fire engine?

It literally takes only a click of the mouse to switch between 15 different vehicles, including front and rear drive automobiles, ambulances, fire trucks, dump trucks, and SUVs.


Can I use the simulator for my Citizens Academy?

Certainly!  In fact, if you have open time we recommend you also involve city or county council members, judges, prosecutors, risk managers, the press, and as many civilians as possible.  We have also had departments assist with Explorer Scout programs and Criminal Justice programs in high school and college settings.