If this is your idea of EVOC training, we need to talk! 

The PatrolSim III™ Driver Training Simulator offers law enforcement agencies the most recent advances in simulation technology providing a high fidelity, interactive mission rehearsal platform for advanced patrol car training. By mating plasma screen technology with GE Driver Development’s advanced software applications, officers now have access to such detail as reading license plates and peering through shop windows. With a deep portfolio of visual  environments including 80 training scenarios, the PatrolSim III™ is a critical tool in the skill development of intersection analysis, first responders, high-speed pursuit, and hazard perception.

The driving simulator also has settings and additional scenarios for fire and EMS vehicles and sharing the rental with those departments can reduce costs, since the rental cost per day goes down for each additional day of the rental. It also has vehicle settings for standard municipal vehicles (garbage truck, dump truck, shuttle bus, etc.), and these drivers generally use the basic driving skills and collision avoidance scenarios.  Many departments get their risk manager involved and are sometimes able to get additional funding thru them.  You might also want to contact your insurance provider about reimbursing all or part of the rental cost.



  • Increases in eye relief (the distance from the officer’s eye to the screen) improves greater comfort and heightened realism in training exercises.
  • Fully functional dashboard instruments, siren, air horn and emergency lights provide the look and feel of a real patrol car.





  • 70 Hz software coupled with the latest in plasma screen technology delivers detailed scenario imaging that increases peripheral detection for visual search, hazard perception and intersection analysis exercises.
  • Officers can select from multiple visual environments, training scenarios and special effects including extreme weather conditions, on-the-fly vehicle dynamic tuning and replicated mechanical failures.




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