About Us


Business History

En-Mark Simulator Rentals was started in 1995 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and was engaged in the business of renting firearms training simulators to law enforcement and security agencies throughout the eastern two thirds of the United States.  These simulators provide judgmental training by immersing the trainees in video scenarios which require the appropriate response to various threat levels.  The response can range from non-lethal methods such as a baton, Taser* or OC spray, to the lethal use of the officer's firearm.

In 2003, the company was aquired by David R. Duvall, Inc.  It was expanded in 2004 to include the rental of driving simulators geared toward emergency responce personnel such as police, fire, and EMS drivers.



Vision and Mission Statement

En-Mark's mission is to make important training tools available to segments of the law enforcement and security community that, due to economic and logistical constraints, might not be able to utilize them otherwise. 




*  Taser is a registered trademark of Taser International, Inc.